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Kune-Vain, Lezha

Bindi Tour

Thethi and Valbona Valleys

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Touring two of the most beautiful valleys of the Albanian Alps, passing through Komani Lake in a small boat. Historical sites and cities of Lezha, Shkodra, Kruja, Durres and Tirana will be visited during the tour. The tour is named after the Illirian god of waters.

Moving from Shkodra in the direction of Theth, one can only be amazed at how often the landscape changes in small distances.

Sleeping and eating in these remote villages is a unique experience. Hiking/trekking guided by locals, as well as our own professionals, is of moderate to challenging levels and horses/mules will accompany the adventurers. 2-3 lunches will be enjoyed in picturesque outdoor venues.

Navigating Komani Lake, one can marvel at the transformation of ancient valleys into fjords and dip into the inviting waters (July and August) of the Shala river-spill.

The optimal number of participants is 10-15: upon request, we offer tours for one person, a couple or a family.

These tours and excursions offer unique and economic opportunities to support and sustain the small local businesses that are working to preserve and protect the Albanian natural treasures by sharing them with caring, respectful visitors.

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Day 8

9:00 A late and leisurely breakfast and a last look around the pleasant city before departure from Mother Teresa Airport.