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Kune-Vain, Lezha


Visit north and south all year round through our handpicked tours

Arsa Tour 940 €

Lezha, Shkodra

Bindi Tour 1020 €

Lezha, Shkodra

Anzotika Tour 1130 €

Visit Lezha and Shkodra

Albania Raid 1350 €


Enkelei Tour 1200 €


Skerdilaidi Tour 1350 €

Arrival and visit Kruja

Epikad Tour 1430 €

Arrival and visit Kruja

Taulanti Tour 830 €

Arrival and visit Tirana

Dardan Weekend Tour 560 €

Arrival and visit Shkod...

Darsen Weekend Tour 520 €

Arrival and visit Korça

Redon Weekend Tour 590 €

Arrival and move toward...

Latra Weekend Tour 380 €

Arrival and move toward...

King Skerdilajdi Tour 1550 €

Ankunft und Besuch in G...