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Kune-Vain, Lezha

Albania Raid

9-16th of September

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Albania Raid is a "NON SPEED" COMPETITIVE off-road rally held in the territory of the Republic of Albania.

In the 2016 Edition, the REGULARITY Formula will be used.

The challenge is a 6-day ride through the remote mountainous areas of Albania, the least explored lands in Europe.

The organizers are a unique group of individuals with personal experience in driving through remote mountains, forests, beaches, valleys, canyons etc. In these seven days, one can enjoy an escape "out of civilization", in Albania’s back-country.

The daily route is 160-250 kilometers, 90% off-road. Every evening, the group is accommodated in comfortable three- star hotels.

The route is driven with Road Book and/or GPS waypoints and Track. It is up to the individual to choose the alternatives suitable to his abilities of navigation.

Albania Raid is an ideal opportunity for adventure tourism, navigation training for athletes, physical training for rally or enduro competitors and, of course, an intensely enjoyable vacation. The route is suitable for Moto and Quad and includes a great variety of terrain (rock, mud, dirt, river-crossings, forest, grass, valleys, etc.) as well as altitude extremes from sea-level to 2,400 meters.

The maximum number of vehicles for the 2016 edition is 50 - Moto and Quad, inclusively. 

What you need to bring with

- Avoid coming with the bike/quad technically unchecked.

- The front light, back light, brake light must be functional, by hand lever and brake pedal.

- Functional horn, (activated with left thumb)

- The fixing of the navigation panel will be controlled.

- Proper functioning of Road Book holder and Rally Computer (IMO, ICO, VECTOR ... etc)

- The RoadBook is intellectual property of Albania Raid.

- Full protection equipment: Helmet, Body protection, Enduro boots, Enduro clothes.

- Functional mobile phone, turned on at the start of the day with fully battery charged.

- Both personal and vehicle documents must be always with you.

- The plate can be original or photocopied, but it has to be always on it’s place.

- The organization will have a mechanic and tire service on every bivouac.

- If you need tyres during the Raid, contact the organization before the event.

Useful Information

1- Starting will be in groups and in time intervals.

2- First go moto and after quads.

3- In the middle of the track will be a meeting point that will be designated in the Road Book and given in GPS Points, for the launch break.

4- Accommodation will be in the hotels and no Tents can be build up in the hotel garden.

5- GPS unit for navigation is personal.

6- Every participant will be provided by the organization with a GPS/GPRS tracking unit for safety reasons and control the movement.

7- A functional Mobile Phone is needed all the time during the Raid.

8- Small Medical Personal Kit packet and a blanket is a very good asset to have with you.

9- Minimum fuel independence is 130 km and advisable is 160 km.

10- Offroad tires with hard compound is a good choice. Mousse is more safer than tube.

11- Insurance for life insurance and accidents can be done at the desk in the first Bivouac.

What the organizers offer

Organization of Albania Raid 2016 will offer the following assets:

Airport desk assistant to guide the participants how to go from Tirana Airport to the first bivouac.

During the riding days will be a medical vehicle in the group and a cleaning vehicle in the end of the group.

Satellite Tracking System 24 hours a day for control and safety of participants.

Two pick up vehicles in the track for mechanical assistance and transporting damaged bikes and quads to the next stop point.

Doctor in the organization team for fast medical assistance.

One road ambulance in stand by mode to the nearest asphalt point.

One truck/van for transport of luggage and spare parts from hotel to hotel.

Safety closed and guarded space on every hotel.

Preparation of parking place before the group arrives.

Two mechanics and a specialized service every night in the hotel, (personal extra cost on request).

Changing tires, mousse, tube.

Tyre availability in mechanical service van.

Transport information

1. To enter Albania there are three ways: Airport, Sea Port and Terrestrial Border.

-If you arrive by airplane, all the day of Friday 9 September from 8:00 to 19:00, there will be a team in the arrival gate to give first info how to arrive in the bivouac and to offer the taxi service.

-If you arrive by Ferry in port of Durres we will give you info how to arrive in bivouac that is 30 km from the Port.

-If you will arrive from Terrestrial Border, we will give you a GPS track and Points from border to bivouac.

2. Organization will transport your luggage every day from bivouac to bivouac.

Maximum per rider is two pieces, max 30 kg per piece (box or luggage).

Standard Case PH 80x45x36, no more than 30 kg. No exterior things can be carried.

In case of accident or a broken vehicle, the organization will transport the vehicle and the rider from the piste to the next bivouac.

3. Also for north European countries Enduro Adventure Organization EAO will offer the transport of bike and accessories from Belgium to Albania and back.

For more info contact EAO Belgium: Molenakkerstraat 32, 2990 Loenhout, Antwerpen, Belgium. Phone: +32 487 63 80 60, Email: [email protected], Website: www.eaob.eu

These tours and excursions offer unique and economic opportunities to support and sustain the small local businesses that are working to preserve and protect the Albanian natural treasures by sharing them with caring, respectful visitors.

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Day 8

Friday-16th of September. Departure day.

Enjoy the swimming pool and some cold beers before the departure flight.